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Top 10: Songs that put Azonto on the map

The Azonto dance has been the dance on the Ghanaian dance floor for the past year and half.  The formerly little known dance has grown from just a high school party dance to become one of the fastest dance crazes. Its popularity was not only due to the fact that it was relatively easy to do,  but also it was supplemented with good catchy music.

10.  Buk Bak – Kolom 

True,  Azonto was already on the map when Kolom was released, but it’s a good song anyway.

9. Donae’o feat Sarkodie – Move to the Gyal dem

Donae’o is a renowned UK artist. But he couldn’t resist jumping on the Azonto gravy train with Ghana’s finest.

8. Sarkodie feat E.L – Dangerous 

This song caters for the slow pace Azonto, the warm up. A good starting place for all amateurs.

7. Guru – Lapaz Toyota 

Guru (a.k.a che chede de) is one of the best rappers and lyricists in Ghana. But he put all that aside and started promising second-hand Toyotas to women. The result? Another azonto anthem.

6. Keche – Sokode 

Sokode is a town in the Volta region of Ghana. How it became the subject in Keche’s hit, no one knows. The song itself  makes no sense whatsoever.

5. Gasmilla – Aboodatoi

If you want a song that would enlighten your spiritual being, talk to your heart and stuff, then Gasmilla’s Aboodatoi is probably not what you’re looking for. Those who understand the language will know what I am talking about. Toilet humour, literally. Non Ga speakers should just Azonto away.

4. E.L – Obuu Mo 

E.L is an Azonto pioneer and this song cements his position. It’s not only the song that is good but the video is well produced too. But most importantly, the mere presence of Henry Harding a.k.a Patterson Papa Nii Papa Fio, aka  the “papacy”, makes the video faultless.

3. Eduwoji feat Stay J – Yenko Nkoaa

This was the first song I saw people dancing the Azonto to. I remember thinking “what the f.”… forward to a week later and there I stood doing the same thing and looking like a fool. ‘Yenko Nkoaa’ earns its place at #3 with no part due to the dodgy lyrics (notice a theme developing?).

2. Fuse ODG feat Tiffany – Azonto 

This song slowly started making waves in the UK after the release of the video. I largely credit the popularity of the Azonto in the U.K and perhaps worldwide to this song. Mainly because it is in English and was sung by a London-based artist. These coupled with the awesome video meant it wasn’t long before it went viral. The proof is in the numbers; the Azonto video – with Afromask  is the single most viewed azonto related video on YouTube (according to my research).

1. Sarkodie feat E.L – You go kill me 

The Sarkodie – E.L combination strike gold again. This time producing  ‘U go kill me’. A guaranteed floor filler at any Ghanaian party. Sarkodie is the proclaimed Azonto hype-machine and he has done an excellent job so far; with the song getting airplay on BBC radio 1 extra. Even without the existence of the Azonto dance, this song would have been as popular regardless. It’s that good.

This is probably the last azonto summer. If that’s the case then that would be a shame, because azonto is now synonymous with Ghana and as popular around the world as the Black Stars are.

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