Ghana Magazine is a publication dedicated to the exploration of Ghana through its people, cultures, sub-cultures, lifestyles, landscapes, and things!

Each issue will contain articles, interviews, short stories, and poetry, with a goal to inform, educate or entertain; to celebrate what’s already familiar and to tell the stories which may otherwise be unfamiliar to readers.

Our Values & Approach

  • Honesty and integrity: Strive to present all information with truthfulness and accuracy.
  • Originality: Focus on producing original content or finding new ways to present what is already out there. Content doesn’t always have to have any moral, socio-political message behind it. It just has to be interesting in its own right.
  • Creativity: Find new and creative ways to present our stories. Anyone could cover the same stories. It’s our approach in how we use our creativity to present a story that should set us apart.
  • Impartial: Being open to both sides of a story; producing thought provoking content that ignites further conversation and not just to court controversy.
  • Simplicity: We want our content to be easily read and understood.
  • Longevity: Not just following trends or producing meme of the day. We want to create and publish content that has a shelf life beyond a week.
  • Humour: Humour is always good!