We're open to submissions of all kinds. Your content can be in the form of a creative nonfiction, fiction (short story), essays or poetry. We also welcome art and photography submissions. If you have a great idea for a piece of content, we would love to hear from you too. We are excited by people who express a unique voice throughout their writing, art, editorial, or photography work.

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Submission Guidelines

We are looking to publish content in any of the following categories: Food, Health, Family & Relationships, Travel, Music, Film & TV, Sport, Religion & Spirituality, Literature, Fashion, Art & Design etc.

We are particularly interested in content that:

  • Share personal experiences: unusual adventures, unique accomplishments, rare travel experiences or confessions.
  • Retell a real life or historic event in a vivid or “documentary” style.
  • Explore certain stories or topics which may not be in the mainstream of conversation.
  • Exposes and explains ideas that will help our readers become wiser, healthier, wealthier or happier.
  • Portray the intimate details of character and personality of a well known personality. One who has achieved some form of greatness or someone whose life is in some way interesting or remarkable.
  • Word Count: Anything between 500 - 3000 words.
  • Writing Style: Be as original, creative and imaginative in your writing as you can.
  • Published Content: We prefer original and unpublished content. However, we can make concessions for privately published work (e.g blogposts) as long as we're made aware of it.
  • Multiple Submissions: You can submit as many and different content pieces as you like. If we happen to like them all, we'll just have to select our favourite two for publication.
  • Rewrites and resubmissions: We cannot accept resubmissions or rewrites of previously rejected work.
  • Payment: Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment to contributors at this point in time. However, contributors whose work we publish in an issue will receive a complimentary copy of that issue.
  • Please only submit completed/finished work.

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